School Employees Retirement System of Ohio (SERS)

Members of the School Employee Retirement System (SERS) are the unsung heroes of the Ohio public school system. Although you may not be as recognized as teaching staff in general, you perform important responsibilities that keep schools running smoothly, the student experience conducive to learning, and the learning environment safe. Part of the reward for the top service you provide is SERS membership and access to SERS programs. These programs include one of the strongest retirement systems in public service. SERS also provides its members with significant financial tools for retirement, savings, and healthcare, along with solid support for all its members.

In 2018, SERS had 237,138 active and retired members.

As the 61st largest public pension fund in the country, SERS holds $13.6 billion in assets.

SERS does not offer the same number of plans as OPERS, STRS, and some of the other Ohio public pension funds. Instead, there is a single plan, which is similar in many ways to the Combined Plans offered by both OPERS and STRS. As a member, you are essentially funding your retirement through employee and employer contributions, as well as investment returns on these contributions.

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