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    Financial Planning advice from Jim Lineweaver's TV appearances

    Golden Go logo LFG President and Founder Jim Lineweaver is one of Northern Ohio’s most respected financial experts and has been featured regularly on both radio and television. Jim created and hosted the Financial Quarterback Radio Show on WKNR 850 and is a frequent guest as a financial commentator on the morning show on WDOK 102.1. On the television airwaves, Jim appears every other Sunday as the financial commentator on WKYC Channel 3’s Golden Opportunities show with Armond Budish. We invite you to view some of Jim’s past Golden Opportunities segments.



    STRS Pension Changes

    The recent changes to the STRS – the Ohio State Teachers Retirement System - is kind of a good news, bad news story. The good news? The changes were what the STRS had been asking for to strengthen the system.  The bad news? Immediate reductions.  But we have the best news - Jim Lineweaver is here to teach us what this all means for Ohio educators. Date Aired: 5/26/13




    Are You Prepared for "Pension Shock"?

    Last September, Governor Kasich signed pension reform bills for all five public pension systems affecting all of Ohio’s public employees, including members of the Ohio Police & Fire Pension Fund. The bill went into effect last month, although most changes aren’t effective until July 1st.  But what changes are in store?  And how can you prepare for the impact to your pension? Date Aired: 2/17/13



    Market Update


    Ready for an update on the stock market? You might want to sit down – and buckle up! The market is most likely going to give us another roller coaster ride - but, never fear, Certified Financial Planner is here with just the ticket to surviving this up-and-down outing. Date Aired: 1/6/13








    Pension Plans Down the Road

    Pensions used to be plentiful!  But that was in the past. Looking to the future, how do we prepare – without pensions – for a realistic retirement? Certified Financial Planner Jim Lineweaver is here to help us understand our tensions about living without pensions. Date Aired 4/15/12






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