Preserve and Protect Retirement Assets

Create a coordinated strategy.

There are a number of tax strategies that will allow you to increase the funds available to you in retirement, further improve your monthly cash flow by reducing costs, and protect your assets from frivolous litigation and catastrophic illness. You may even manage your taxes while possibly helping your grandchildren with funding college, and get the appropriate tax deductions for certain current health care needs such as prescriptions, eye care, etc.Create a customized tax plan that includes all of the above.

Protect yourself from potential litigation.

These days, we have found many retirees want to stay busy during their retirement years. You decide to capitalize on your years of professional experience--maybe some part-time consulting or a shift to the private sector, etc.

All goes well, and then it happens. Through no fault of your own, you find yourself in the middle of a frivolous lawsuit instigated by a litigious lawyer. Did you know your income from IRA’s and city deferred comp plans may be at risk? Without the proper protections in place, a lot of you and your family’s income from wages, pensions, and retirement accounts may be attachable in a settlement. Even with automobile and homeowner insurance, there are limits and deductibles on most policies, and you are still liable for legal costs to defend yourself. Fortunately, there are some relatively painless solutions.

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