Manage Health Insurance Costs Under Ohio Police & Fire Pension

Evaluate Your Alternate Coverage Options

Upon your retirement, if you have not yet reached age 65 and thus become eligible for Medicare, you and your eligible dependents may participate in the Ohio Police & Fire sponsored healthcare plan, and have the premiums deducted from your monthly benefit check. It's worth keeping in mind that the Ohio Police & Fire sponsored healthcare plan will subsidize 75% of the member healthcare premiums, but only 25% of dependent premiums, if you began receiving benefits on or after July 25, 1986. The bottom line: Expect to pay a substantial increase for out-of-pocket healthcare premiums during “the gap” years.

Additional Benefits of the 2006 Pension Protection Act

OP&F members classified as “public safety officers” may be eligible to take a gross income exclusion for health insurance premiums of up to $3,000 annually. To qualify, a member must have retired as per normal service retirement (i.e., age 48 or older with 25 years of service); have achieved age-commuted service; or been granted a disability benefit.

To receive this exclusion, retired or disabled officers must have qualified health insurance premiums deducted directly from their pension. This exclusion can also include premiums paid for the member’s spouse and dependents, again assuming premiums are deducted directly from their pension.

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