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OUR tax planning and tax preparation PHILOSOPHY

The WealthWatch Center has been designed to assist you in making sure you pay Uncle Sam, and related State and City entities, the proper amount of taxes each year. What we call “your fair share.” Unfortunately, tax laws and provisions are subject to change, and many of the provisions can be quite complicated and confusing. As a result, many taxpayers, unknowingly pay more than they should when completing their annual tax return, or, in some cases, unknowingly fail to include certain items that can trigger an audit or additional tax and interest penalties.

At the WealthWatch Center we strive to act as the quarterback of your financial plan so that we eliminate the lack of coordination among various well meaning advisors. Tax planning demands that every “i”’ is dotted and “t” properly crossed for you to gain all of the intended benefits.

In fact, to help you take the first step, our CPA in residence, Sandy Trado, a professional with more than 25 years experience in advising both individuals and businesses on tax matters, has developed the WealthWatch Tax Planning Checklist. Making sure you know the questions to ask yourself, will go a long way towards making sure you don’t under or over estimate your annual tax obligation.

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