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Manage Health Insurance Costs Under Opers (Ohio Public Employees Retirement System)

Evaluate spouse’s coverage vs. OPERS.

Upon your retirement, you and your eligible dependents may participate in the OPERS- sponsored health care, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage, and have the premiums deducted from your monthly benefit check. In 2007, OPERS implemented changes to the structure of their health care plan in order to improve the solvency of the plan. If you qualify for the plan, OPERS will provide you with a set allowance each month to spend on health care, based on your length of service. If your spouse is employed, you should consider joining his or her health plan as a family member, as you may be able to avoid an increase in premiums from your current coverage. In the future, if you experience an involuntary loss of coverage elsewhere, you may re-enroll in OPERS health care coverage during the open enrollment period or within 31 days after your coverage is canceled by another group plan.

Social Security – get your 40 quarters in or pay substantially higher health care costs at age 65 for Medicare Part A and B.

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