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Ohio Police & Fire Pension

As a member of the Ohio Police and Firefighter Retirement System, you are well aware, the current economic environment has led to an effort to try and reduce, and, in some cases, eliminate the very retirement pension benefits you have spent a lifetime accumulating. While no one individual may be able to turn the long-term tide of public sentiment, you can, to some extent, protect yourself, by making sure you and your family have done everything possible to coordinate and manage your future entitlements while you are still working.

Because I am a former police officer myself, Lineweaver Financial Group has years of experience in dealing with the unique needs and opportunities available to members of the Ohio Police and Fire Departments.

This informative report is designed to help Ohio Police and Firefighters and their families gather the knowledge they need to achieve that goal. That has been the mission of the Lineweaver Financial Group for almost two decades. Our professional staff is also trained to help you implement those actions most appropriate for you, your family and your legacy in a very efficient manner.

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