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Eliminate Legal Hassles Under OPERS (Ohio Public Employees retirement system)

Beneficiary designations are important, but they need to be coordinated with up-to-date wills, an understanding of how to minimize death taxes, reduce probate delays, and ensure specific wishes are met through financial and health directives. Where appropriate it may also be necessary to explore the creation of certain types of trusts to address specific needs, such as spendthrift children or ongoing income for loved ones still living.

It is essential to utilize a coordinated plan where all your advisors - financial, tax, legal and insurance - make sure the critical elements of your plan work together. Even if you have taken the time to properly title assets and list the proper beneficiaries on your financial investments (e.g., life insurance, annuities, stock holdings) and other valuable assets (e.g., your primary home, vacation properties/second homes), it may not be enough to provide efficient distributions, eliminate family squabbles and reduce/eliminate unnecessary legal costs. 

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